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Rockwell’s Whole Foods has just launched a convenient new product for you to try! Traditional coconut oil solidifies at temperatures below 76 degrees F, but Rockwell’s Liquid Coconut Oil remains liquid even when refrigerated. Now you can use coconut oil in salad dressings, smoothies, on popcorn, in sauces and dips and as a convenient substitute for vegetable oils when cooking, without melting prior to use. Liquid coconut oil is also easier to use as a moisturizer for your skin and hair. This premium variety of coconut oil isn’t just convenient - it has a concentrated amount of MCT’s (93% vs. 62% in the semi solid type). This oil has the same light taste and pleasing coconut aroma as our traditional coconut oil.


Like all of our coconut oil, Rockwell’s Premium Liquid Coconut Oil is:

Cold Pressed


Hexane and Solvent Free

Non Hydrogenated

Trans-fat free



Rockwell’s Liquid Coconut oil is a user friendly premium cooking oil, fresh cold pressed from Organic coconuts.



Use in place of oil, shortening or butter for baking or frying up to 350 F/176C. Can be added to protein shakes or other beverages. Great for salad dressings, dips and more.


As part of a weight loss program

As part of healthy eating, Rockwell’s Liquid coconut oil may assist in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight because it helps your body create energy.   


Smooth, delicious mild coconut flavour.

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